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  • Extension Name : Juicy Gallery
  • Buy with us : 16.5 USD
  • Developed By : Pulse Infotech Team
  • Joomla1.5 Joomla2.5 Joomla3.0
We created an image gallery with a Juicy look. We will have albums that will expand to sets of slightly rotated thumbnails that pop out on hover. The full image will slide in from the bottom once a thumbnail is clicked. In the full image view the user can navigate through the pictures or simply choose another thumbnail to be displayed.
Features List:-
  • Nice look and display your whole albums with amzing Lookup.
  • Able to display 4 albums with 10 images in each albums..
  • Easy shortcut , previous and next button shortcuts for each albums.
  • Enter Description for Each Image facility from administrator.
  • Control Number of Images in albums from administrator Section.
Front Screen:-
Admin Screen:-
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+6 #8 more customizableLucrix 2012-01-16 23:37

I like very much this gallery, but unfortunately isn't customizable. For example I want to have unlimited galleries available for my visitors, even if aren't in first page.

How I see this?
Let say that I have 50 galleries.
4 or 5 (selected by me) will be shown on first page - exactly how it is now - and near them, a button to all galleries. I someone click on it, he will go at a page with all galleries listed.

So, top/latest galleries on front page, but also others will be available.

Which is your price for what I wrote above?
+7 #7 Need little moreAbdeali 2012-01-13 06:14
the gallery is awesome with its effects and all ... but i need 5 albums and few album may have more than 10 images also.

So this restriction of your's has made it almost a useless module for me

see if you can enhance the code to eliminate this problem
+3 #6 @CHICHIPulseExtensions 2011-02-05 04:49
For Changes mail us on and For Postion you able to use any position it will arrange on bottom automatically , thanks for your time.
Chi Chi
0 #5 Module PositionChi Chi 2011-02-04 19:10
If this is a Module what position do you use like this Sample? Thank you.
Chi Chi
+2 #4 RE: Juicy GalleryChi Chi 2011-02-04 19:08
LOVE this and want to order it!!! Anyway to make the "Albums" button and next buttons show better as they are easy to miss.
+2 #3 Da guyDar 2011-01-12 03:38
The gallery is really good. Two things,
1) Its not obvious how to close the current picture once its loaded.
2) I loaded the demo on IE 9 and the image and categories are not centered and appear half off screen.
How do updates work? are they free for a year with purchase?
+3 #2 @PATRIKPulseExtensions 2011-01-06 17:58
Patrik Sure i will pass your request to team so in future release we will think about it.
Patrick Toulze
+3 #1 About juicy GalleryPatrick Toulze 2011-01-06 16:41
Add the ability to have the thumbnails be a link other that the original image (like a Joomla link or url.... and you have a very cool menu sytem...

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