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  • Extension Name : JELLY SIDE MENU
  • Developed By : Pulse Infotech Team
  • Prestashop Addons
After success Altra Side Menu and Altra Top Menu we just think same as it but little bit new so we come with new jelly Side menu in it icon display on your sidebar and when you navigate it its display Lable for it and you able to link internal pages for your site or external link as per your need , check some basic features about it...
Features List:-
  • Navigate Left or Right Side of your site little icons.
  • Hover it and its display Title and Click on it and go to given links for it.
  • Display 1 to 7 Menu Control it from Admin section.
  • Dynamic Color chnage for background and border from admin panel.
  • Smooth Jquery Efect with nice style.
  • Use as a your Social Media Icons like Facebook / Twitter and Linkedin Icon or Sidebar.
Responsive Design
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