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Shiny Notebook

  • Extension Name : Shiny Notebook
  • Buy with us : 10 USD
  • Developed By : Pulse Infotech Team
  • Joomla1.5 Joomla2.5 Joomla3.0
Today we will show you how to use and customize the brilliant jQuery Booklet Plugin , You can place any sort of html elements inside of your booklet pages. There is no limit to the possibilities you can create.
Features List:-
  • Set your Popular blog or content with Each page.
  • Ability to add image / Title and Description from admin Panel.
  • Left and Right Side allocation for your Sliders.
  • Control how much page you want to display with book.
  • Control button name and button number from administrator panel.
Responsive Design
Front Screen:-
Admin Screen:-
Recent User Feedback on Joomla Extensions Directory:-
Browser Support:-
0 #3 Another Great ExtensionJoseph 2013-03-24 01:39
After using sponsor door I had no hesitation in using your other extensions so I purchased Shiny Notebook and I was not disappointed, what a terrific extension. I will use it many more times.
If you are considering making another extension along this concept a "Shiny Notebook Flip Page" that opens one page at a time so you cannot see the second page and also where you can adjust the width and height and choose an image file or articles with images (category or specific articles) would be useful.
Thanks again for the great extensions; I have bookmarked your site.
+1 #2 Great work...ssnobben 2011-08-06 03:44
Thanks hope for update for J 1.7 later too! :P
+5 #1 Gr8 NotebookPulseExtensios 2010-12-30 09:27
Our New Release Shiny Notebook , Enjoy with it Cheers.

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