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{superalert width="100%" height="100%" title="Title Display here(Optional)" message="Its Super alert Notification Plugin help you to display your notification in any page / between article or anywhere with style , what you think?? " link="" font-size="20px" font-color="white" titlte-enable="0" link-enable="0" align="left"}

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  • Developed By : Pulse Infotech Team
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We have site and site pages sometimes we feel we want to put notice or want to give any alerts on specific pages for that we comes with nice solution Super alert system , in it you able to give notice alert on any of your site pages specific with nice style and many festures , i sure its need most of person now a days and you happy to see and use it see some features listed below.......
Features List:-
  • Able to display alert or notice on any pages with unique and eyecatchy way.
  • Close notice and also want than enable Cookie Function so its not comes again on that page.
  • Different Pin types availabe so its nice style to stick on top of pages.
  • Different background and custom colors option available for alert.
  • Number of font family or also you able to set own font family dynamically.
  • Time period abl to define after that time alert own hide from pages.
  • Display Title and Read More link on alert option also available.
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